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About The Healer

Who Is Taita Wari- Taita Fuego 🔥

Traditional Healer Medic.

He has developed through the Red Road. He started studying pre-hispanic dance and rituals with Master Ezkuintle from Cholula, Puebla, then he performed many Vision Quests with Grandfather Huicho ando Grandmother Lula from Veracruz.

He learned with Taita Querubín, 108 years-old maximum authority at the Amazon Jungle in Putumayo, Colombia; Grandfather May activated his kundalini inner Energy with a crystal skull; and studied with many other grandfathers and grandmothers from different ancient traditions.

He also learned with the Sun dancers; Felipe Ríos from Chile, with alliance and powerful praying from Yawanawa Village, with Daniela Manríquez medicine woman also from Chile, Ozelotl Galindo from Xochimilco, Edgar Contreras from Radamastha Reiky Institute; he studied traditional chinese martial arts Sil-lum System, herbolistic, therapeutic massage and chiropraxis with Guillermo Caraza and with many other recognized medicine men and women.

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